all you could wish for!

The Gaststube zum Dorfwirt restaurant is waiting for you!

We cook with love, care and tradition. For us, enjoying food and drink is strongly linked to our feelings for our home. On our menu, you can see that at first glance, because you will find many Tyrolean and Austrian classics. For the ingredients, we are relying on the varied range our region has to offer.

When our guests lean back with a satisfied smile, we have that excellent feeling of having done something right.

We serve hot food continuously from 11.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. and would like to request you to make a reservation in good time.

Enjoy your food!

Menu Cellar bar

"Ernberg Städele" cellar bar

Our "Ernberg Städele" cellar bar was once a popular place for celebrations and parties, but since its renovation is now a quiet spot where nicotine fans can withdraw. Here you can follow a cosy meal by enjoying a cigarette or a cigar while in company with other tobacco fans.

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Cosy hospitality

Wood and tiled stoves provide a friendly atmosphere in our lovingly designed hospitality rooms. It will be easy for you to sit down, relax and enjoy. The rooms offer the ideal environment for short breaks, expansive meals and big or small celebrations.

Food unites us, as you can see in the way that local people and holiday visitors both feel great when they are with us.


All the year round, specially selected treats from Tyrolean and Austrian cuisine await you. We supplement these with the occasional international excursion. We provide variety with seasonal emphases. Of course, you can also rely on us to take account of any allergies or other particular needs. We will inform you in detail and be happy to carry out your wishes.

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