Our restaurant menu

What would you like? From a hearty traditional Brotzeit snack to crisp variations on salad, from regional fish to the perfect steak, from simple home cooking to sophisticated game dishes - for a menu, too, the right mix is what's important.

Please let us know if you suffer from any allergies or intolerances. Our kitchen team will be happy to take note of your needs and will create delicious food that you can enjoy without any worries.

Orange and coconut foam soup with chilli oil and fresh ginger 5.90
Celebration soup clear beef broth with bacon sausage meat and liver dumplings 5.90
Cream of pumpkin soup 5.90
Lechtal Graukäs cheese soup with toasted wholemeal croutons 5.90
Frittata soup 4.90
Bacon dumpling soup 5.90
Liver dumpling soup 5.90
Noodle soup clear beef broth with noodles 4.90
Garlic cream soup with chilli oil 5.90
Old Vienna Soup Pot beef soup with noodles, sausages and vegetables 5.90
Beef carpaccio stuffed with walnuts and herbs, parmesan and rocket 11.90
Tomatoes and mozzarella with basil and rocket; balsamic vinegar and olive oil 11.90
Smoked salmon with cream of horseradish and cranberries, honey and mustard dip 11.90
Baked prawns with dip 11.90
Pasta with grilled prawns and fresh rocket 11.90
Smoked trout with cranberry cream 9.90
Tomato bruschetta 9.90
To accompany:  
Aperol Sprizz, Hugo 0.25l 4.90
Prosecco Piccolo 0.2l 5.50
Campari Soda or Orange, Martini, sherry or port wine 3.90
Tagliolini * alla carbonara 10.90
Penne al arrabiatta * 10.90
Fettuccine * Vegetarian with fresh spinach and sheep's cheese 10.90
Spaghetti bolognese * 10.90
Prawns fried in garlic, chilli and coriander and served on freshly cooked noodles. Also available as a starter! 14.90
Salad is always in season
Dorfwirt's salad* mixed salad with fried chicken breast, smoked Tyrolean bacon & sour cream dip 13.90
Viennese roast chicken salad* hearty salads with roast chicken breast 13.90
Gourmet salad* hearty salads with grilled salmon steak 13.90
Grilled fillets of local fish and deep-fried calamari* served on hearty salads with dip 13.90
Crispy prawns* with seasonal salads 13.90
Grilled prawn skewer of peeled jumbo prawns* served on hearty salads 13.90
Salad plate* mixed salad with a fine marinade 9.90
Small side salad to accompany our main meals 4.90
From the rivers & the sea
Ernberg Fish Plate variations of char, salmon trout and zander off the grill, crispy prawns with dip and parsley potatoes 20.90
Grilled zander fillet served with parsley potatoes and vegetables 18.90
Salmon steak served with tomato risotto 18.90
Arctic char served on wild garlic risotto 18.90
Salmon trout fillet with parsley potatoes and spinach 18.90
Grüner Veltliner
Weingut Eder
– Kremstal DAC – Lower Austria 2016 Pastel-coloured gold-green, intensely fruity bouquet in the nose with a slight spicy "pepper nose"; soft on the palate with a beautiful harmonious balance
Bottle 0.75l 20.40
1/8l glass 3.40
Tyrolean home cooking
Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli)* Vegetarian
filled with spinach and Graukäs cheese, served on spinach and refined with nut butter and parmesan
Käsespätzle (cheese pasta)* Vegetarian with our own blend of cheese and fried onions 10.90
Spinach dumplings and Käsnockn (cheese dumplings)* Vegetarian served on creamed spinach 10.90
Ernberg Schmankerlteller (platter of treats) * Vegetarian with two kinds of Schlutzkrapfen, spinach and cheese dumplings, served on spinach, and a variety of vegetables 11.90
Vegetable Gröstl* Vegetarian fried potatoes with vegetables and onions plus a fried egg 10.90
Roasted dumplings* Vegetarian with egg, plus a small mixed salad 10.90
Granny´s cabbage dumplings (* Vegetarian served on fried onions and sauerkraut 10.90
Tyrolean Gröstl* potatoes with bacon with boiled beef and onions and a fried egg 10.90
Tyrolean bacon dumplings* served on fresh sauerkraut and fried bacon 10.90
Traditional cuisine
Tyrolean Almschnitzel pork steak baked with a topping of Tyrolean Bergkäse and juicy ham, served with ribbon pasta and a colourful garden vegetable medley 17.90
Fried beef and onions cut from the loin, served with green beans and bacon 17.90
Grill platter grilled pork, chicken and beef, grilled sausages, roasted vegetables, potato cakes plus chips and spiced herb butter 17.90
Wiener Schnitzel veal, pan-fried till golden-brown served with cranberries and either parsley potatoes or chips 17.90
Wiener Schnitzel pork, pan-fried till golden-brown served with cranberries and either parsley potatoes or chips 11.90
Cordon Bleu* filled with juicy ham and tasty cheese, with chips and cranberries 11.90
Ernberg Pan grilled beef, pork and chicken, wild mushroom and cognac cream sauce,
served with home-made Spätzle pasta and fresh vegetables
Steaks & more
Lady Steak 150g – grilled with vegetable garnish 19.90
Pepper steak 250g - grilled Angus beef served with marinated rocket and cherry tomatoes 25.90
Fillet steak 250g - grilled Angus beef with vegetable garnish 25.90
Surf & Turf 200g fillet with giant prawns, Angus rib steak 350g, bacon and beans 24.90
Entrecote 300g with bacon and beans 26.90
Rump steak 350g with a slight border of fat, bacon and beans 26.90
Veal steak served with a light cream sauce, herb butter 26.90
Side dishes for our speciality steaks - a choice of chips, fried potatoes, croquettes, vegetables, grilled corn on the cob or small plate of salad. 3.50
Game specialities
"Poacher's Platter" the best of venison, pheasant and wild boar, croquettes, Spätzle pasta and broccoli 22.90
Venison steak 200g served with a savoury Burgundy sauce, wild mushroom ravioli and broccoli 25.90
Boned saddle of venison, roasted whole and served with mushroom ravioli 25.90
Wild boar sirloin steak served with dumpling slices and broccoli 19.90
Pheasant breast wrapped in bacon, buttered noodles 19.90
Venison medallions grilled, served with hazelnut Spätzle pasta and broccoli 23.90
"Hubertus Pfandl" strips of venison served with Spätzle pasta and mushrooms, juniper berry sauce   18.90
Boned saddle of hare fillet with butter noodles and broccoli 21.90
"Bärentatze" fillet of venison stuffed with ham and cheese with potato croquettes 19.90
Venison goulash* with dumpling slices 17.90
Roast venison, potato croquettes, fried mushrooms 17.90
All our game dishes are served with our home-made red cabbage and cranberries.  
Toasts & Brotzeit snacks
Steak toast* small beef steak on toast, Tyrolean bacon and fried onions plus a small mixed salad 13.90
Swiss or Bavarian sausage salad* 6.90
Wiener Würstel* sausages with bread 5.50
Home-made brawn* served with vinegar and oil, onions and bouquet of salad 6.90
Goulash soup* with bread rolls 6.90
Sausages in sauce* with bread rolls 6.90
Graukäse cheese* in vinegar and oil 6.90
Toblerone parfait decorated with tropical fruits 6.90
Lasagne of white and dark chocolate 6.90
Ice cream pancake with chocolate sauce and cream 5.50
Apricot pancake 6.90
Nougat dumplings in a coating of cinnamon breadcrumbs 6.90
Povidltascherl (plum jam turnovers) rolled in buttered breadcrumbs 6.90
Raspberry sorbet with vodka 6.90
Potato noodles with poppy seed with fruit sauce 6.90
Please ask about our current cakes of the day and ice cream specialities  
Sottobosco gin shake with fresh blackberries, cranberries and blueberries 7.90
Brambl gin cocktail with Chambord (blackberry liqueur) 7.90
Negroni gin cocktail with Campari, Carpano vermouth and Angostura Bitters 7.90
Americano Campari, Carpano vermouth and soda plus Angostura Bitters 7.90
Special desserts
Panna Cotta with marinated strawberries 6.90
Crême Brulée wit marinated strawberries 7.90
Chocolate soufflé with liquid centre, white chocolate ice cream and fruit decoration 7.90
Pot soufflé with marinated berries; walnut ice cream 7.90
Chocolate soufflé with liquid centre, served with strawberries (free of gluten & lactose) 7.90
Kaiserschmarren (pancake) with apple sauce 9.90
Steirische Apfelradl (filled apple rings) with cinnamon & sugar, vanilla ice cream 6.90
Peppered strawberries with white chocolate ice cream 7.90
Yoghurt with strawberries 7.90
Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream and cream 7.90
Various cheeses with pastries 12.90